Keyless Security System Right For You

Ever gone to check the mail without your keys only to have your door lock behind you? Having to call a locksmith just to collect a few bills isn’t ideal, but there is a solution to these problems. Keyless entry takes the key out of the ‘lock and key’ scenario and gives you greater freedom at home or the office. Let’s look at the pros and cons of keyless systems, so you can see if they’re right for you.

Types of Keyless Entry

The most common key-free security system is a numbered keypad that grants you access with a code. Another option is remote unlocking, best used in conjunction with a code in case the remote is lost. New smart locks sense your proximity and unlock via a Wi-Fi or Bluetooth signal from your phone – very stylish but unsuitable for most businesses. Card access systems can also be used for businesses.

For Your Home

Here are the major pros and cons to consider when deciding if your home should be key-free.


  • Accessibility – As long as you remember your password you’ll never be locked out
  • Security – Let a neighbour in to feed the cat while you’re at work without the security risk of leaving a key out; simply change the code when they’re done. Many systems also tell you about entry attempts and can alert the authorities if numerous unsuccessful attempts are made
  • Efficiency – Parents know the struggle: you’re loaded down with shopping, fishing desperately with your pinky finger to get your keys so your child can open the door. Easier to just tell them the code, right?
  • Convenience – Remotes and smart locks allow you to unlock the door from a distance, useful if you’ll be arriving at the door with your hands full.


  • Security concerns – A burglar could potentially guess or hack your code. Passing around a code is also easier than cutting a key, so forgetting to change it could be dangerous.
  • Lockout – A power failure would render electronic keypads or smart locks useless. Systems without backups for this possibility should be avoided.
  • Aesthetics – Many keyless systems, particularly keypads, are simply ugly. However, you can find stylish ones if you shop around.
  • Expense – These technologies are more expensive than conventional locks, though prices have started to fall.

For Commercial Locations

Many of the advantages and disadvantages of keyless locks for businesses are the same as for residential properties. But some are distinct, especially with card access technology.


  • Security – With a keyless system you won’t need to have a locksmith change or rekey your lock when there are security concerns.
  • Control – Card access gives you control over your security. You can access entry information and customise who can enter, as well as where and when. Electronic keypads also offer more control than conventional locks.


  • System failure – Power or software failures could be very problematic for commercial keyless systems, but backup features are usually available.

Making the Switch

If you do decide to go with a keyless system, make sure to think carefully about your access and security needs. If you want advice, then be sure to contact an expert for a security assessment..


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