Stay Safe with These 5 Terrific Tips from a Locksmith

Stay Safe with These 5 Terrific Tips from a Locksmith
Having your house or business broken into is not just financially damaging, it also takes an emotional toll. If it is a family home it can leave children traumatised and parents terrified while business owners risk losing important assets. To protect all of the important things in your life, our expert locksmith is here to give you some tips. Here are five essential security measure you must take to ensure your home, family, and business are safe.
1. Get a Good Security System
A quality security system should include locks, cameras, and alarms all working together to protect your property. This is important for all homes, but especially very large ones as they are more difficult to thoroughly monitor yourself, making them more enticing targets. If you travel often, a security system is essential and the same applies to businesses, which are often unattended at night. Make sure the alarm system is visible – this will help deter criminals.Consult a locksmith to advise you on the best security system for your home, and to install it properly.
2. Light up the Night
Installing sensor lights around your property serves double duty as a security measure. The bright lights turning on can alert you to an intruder’s approach, they also expose the intruder and may well scare them off.
3. Upgrade Your Locks
Many homes and businesses have only basic locks on many doors and windows. Have a locksmith assess your property and install the best locks to secure all accessible entry points. Invest in a one-key lock system, so you can easily secure all doors and windows when you head out.
4. Lock the Shed
Make sure garages and sheds are fitted with high quality locks or padlocks, as well as sensor lights. Neglecting their security is a double threat – not only could they be robbed of valuables like vehicles, but they may provide tools that help an intruder access your main property. Consult a locksmith to make sure these building are well protected.
5. Use a Safe and Keep It Safe
A high quality safe is the best way to secure valuable and important documents within your house or business. This way, even if the property is breached, you keep your most precious items secure. But make sure the safe itself is bolted down, otherwise thieves can still remove it in the hopes of opening it later.
Some Other Tips

? A dog is a useful deterrent
? A clear line of sight from the street denies cover to thieves
? Make friends with your neighbours – tight-knit communities are better at protecting themselves from crime
? If your property will be vacant for some time, take steps to make it look occupied, e.g. have friends mow the lawns and turn the lights on at night

United Locksmiths can help make your home or business safer, and replace or rekey lock in the event of a security breach. Call us on 1800 539 636 or enquire online for a full security assessment.


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