Should You Call an Emergency Locksmith Right Now

Should You Call an Emergency Locksmith Right Now?
Getting locked out or realising you’ve lost your keys is unpleasant, and it’s natural to feel panicked. But don’t worry, whether you need to climb through a window or call a 24-hour emergency locksmith, there is always a solution. Let’s take a look at when you actually would need to contact a 24 hour professional.

Locked Out: The Simple Stuff
If you find yourself locked out of your home or office have a quick think before you get flustered. Have you left a spare key with a trusted friend, neighbour or partner whom you could call? Are there other doors or windows which may be unlocked that you can open and enter safely? If so, you may need a security assessment of your property, but at least you can get inside for now. If you are renting the property and it’s within business hours you could call your real estate to get a spare key. If none of these or other simple solutions work, you will need to call a locksmith to gain access.

A Bad Idea
Some websites recommend breaking a window to gain access and simply paying for a replacement. Don’t do this. Considering the safety hazards from broken glass, the security risk from a missing windows, and the fact that replacement may cost more than a locksmith – it’s just a really bad idea.

Where Are Your Keys?
Being locked out is not your only concern. You also need to think about where your keys might be. If you know they are in the house, don’t worry – whether or not you have to get a locksmith, at least your keys are secure. Likewise, if your keys dropped into the ocean or a river it’s unlikely they’ll be found, let alone traced to your house.

But if you don’t know where they were lost, or if you know it was in a car park or busy street, you will need to call a locksmith immediately. There is always a chance that whoever found your keys won’t be interested in handing them in. If they can get your address from your car, a tag on your keys, or even by following you, the security of yourself, your family and your property will be compromised. You will need to change or rekey your locks, and you need a locksmith who can get to your house as soon as possible to secure it.

Emergency Locksmiths
In an emergency situation, where your home’s security is at risk, or if you are locked out at 2am, a 24-hour emergency locksmith will be necessary. A professional locksmith will be able to grant you access to your home without damaging your lock or door. They can also change or rekey your locks if necessary.
At United Locksmiths we provide emergency and after hours locksmith services. We can deal with all kinds of locks from deadlocks and bolts to windows and garage doors and our service is timely, professional, and thorough.

Need a Hand?

If you get locked out in Sydney, or need your locks changed in a hurry, don’t hesitate to call us on 1800 539 636 or get in touch online.


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